SmartLocker -Cloud-Enabled Locker Management Solution

Experience the Future of Bank Locker Management with Our Advanced Digital System
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Deliver a seamless locker onboarding experience that exceeds customer expectations[/asvc_list_item][asvc_list_item icon_fontawesome=”” icon_spacing=”0px”]

Impress customers with e-sign locker agreements that leave a lasting impression[/asvc_list_item][asvc_list_item icon_fontawesome=”” icon_spacing=”0px”]

Transform the customer journey with SmartLocker’ touchless access to lockers[/asvc_list_item][asvc_list_item icon_fontawesome=”” icon_spacing=”0px”]

Ensure transparency in locker assignment[/asvc_list_item][asvc_list_item icon_fontawesome=”” icon_spacing=”0px”]

Incorporate API-based architecture allowing seamless integration with other systems[/asvc_list_item][asvc_list_item icon_fontawesome=”” icon_spacing=”0px”]

Utilize modern cloud infrastructure with cloud hosting support[/asvc_list_item]

Win over your challenges with SmartLocker

SmartLocker is a cutting-edge locker management solution that simplifies end-to-end operations for banks and its customers. It streamlines processes around managing locker requests, allocations, access, key issuance, blocking and unblocking, rent payments, and more.


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Key Features

  • Facilitate locker access control & monitoring for both existing and non-existing customers
  • Manage day-to-day operations like key issuance, interchange, and block/unblock/surrender
  • Customize locker rents, penalty matrix, discounts, and schemes based on customer category
  • Offer waitlist feature to customers for reserving lockers
  • Track locker availability and its allocation to users based on varying requirements
  • Generate GST files and handle compliance needs for your audit and legal requirements
  • Generate MIS reports and easily integrated with bank’s core banking system and others
  • Streamline back office processes around locker management with optimized workflows
  • Facilitate system interaction through multiple channels like branch, online, and mobile interfaces
  • Supports Maker & checker functionalities across all modules
  • Generate various alerts and notifications


Easy navigate

Streamlined Operations

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Intuitive User Interface

increase productivity

Enhanced Productivity

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Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

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Improved Operational Efficiency

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Ease of Adaptation