Smart SGB

Digitized platform to enable financial distributors Handle clients investment in Sovereign gold bonds.
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Multiple Investment Channels: Transact via Net Banking, Mobile app and Branch.[/asvc_list_item][asvc_list_item icon_fontawesome=”” icon_spacing=”0px”]

Hassle free investment in Gold Bonds without any physical possession.[/asvc_list_item][asvc_list_item icon_fontawesome=”” icon_spacing=”0px”]

Dashboard to track all investments in gold.[/asvc_list_item]

Win over your challenges with SmartSGB.

Smart SGB is an end to end processing system for Sovereign Gold Bond requests including purchase and redemptions of bonds.


Key Features

  • Digital onboarding to purchase, redemption and cancellation of investment.
  • Lien Marking, Removal & Fund Transfer via integration with various Core Banking Systems.
  • Integration with RBI e-Kuber.
  • Generation of Order Details report.
  • Generation of Tranche-wise subscription Summary report.
  • Generation of RBI Report.
  • Email and SMS Alert with SGB Certificate.


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API based framework for easy integration with digital channels like Internet and mobile.

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Flexible & Intuitive user interface.

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Scalable solution with extensible functionality.

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Frees up time to invest in relationships.

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Seamless interface integrates with core banking and 3rd party systems.

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Increase opportunities for revenue generation.